Eco swimwear collection on the RAW Natural Born Artists Runway

Goup of unicorns pre the catwalk show

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Showing our eco swimwear collection on the RAW Natural Born Artists Runway was a whole lot of fun! 

8 magical unicorns gathered together to show our new Mystique of the Sea Eco Fabric Swimwear Collection - live in Melbourne at an event held by Raw Australia.

The Unicorns are from all walks of life, different countries, backgrounds, shapes and sizes, skin and hair colours, heights... some have tattoos, some have piercings. Some have walked a runway before, others are pushing themselves out of their comfort zones for the first time  All have warm hearts and all have bodies that need clothing.

The Lioness and Her Unicorns are more than clothing brand, it’s a way of life.. a feeling, a being part of something. We’re creating a community and working to change perceptions of our bodies. #allbodiesaregoodbodies.

They danced, skipped, walked, shimmied and moved freely and entertained! Together we make the change, and last night was another amazing example of it.

The collection is made using the latest technology in eco-fabric. It is created from recycled fishing lines (so you are effectively saving the sea while you are stealing hearts. WIN-WIN) and clothing, is super soft and supple to the touch. All pieces are fully lined to give you reliable coverage and choosing the quick-dry fabric will help you go from the sea to the street with style. 

Much love, thanks and gratitude goes out to everyone that watched the live feed (shared below in case you haven't seen it) and to those that came along to see it live!

Once I have the official photographers pictures back ill be sure to share them with you all, as the ladies really embodied feeling comfortable in our own skin 

Your support means the world, and I’m forever grateful!

Much love,

The Lioness / Ariane


To shop the collection Click Here

If you would like to know the name of a specific item, here is a list of each outfit, and the time the model arrives on the runway:

🦁 0:38 - Model holding towel 1: Amethyst Purple Amphitrite Darted Cup Bikini Top and Siren Short

🦄 0:38 - Model holding towel 2: Aqua Marine Siren Wrap Top and Siren mini bikini bottom 

🦁 0:38 - Aqua Marine Teal Nymph Infinity Suit with high leg 
- this is quick changed to show an additional way of wearing it

🦄 1:42 - Also Aqua Marine Teal Nymph Infinity Suit with high leg 
- this is quick changed to show an additional way of wearing it

🦁 2:41 - Sapphire Pink Amphitrite Halterneck Bikini Top with lacing and Amethyst Purple Amphitrite lace-up short with the Onyx Sprite limited Edition lace bomber 

🦄 2:57 - Aqua Marine Teal Amphitrite lace front halter suit 

🦁 3:09 - Aqua Marine teal Siren Wrap Top and Onyx Siren Shorts 

🦄 3:21 - Aqua Marine Teal Amphitrite Closed Front Halter and Amphitrite lace short 

🦁 3:47 - Onyx Siren Wrap Top and Onyx Nixie Mesh Capri with the Aqua Marine and Onyx Nixie Mesh Bomber 

🦄 4:11 - Sapphire Pink and Onyx Nixie Mini Crop and Amphitrite Lace up bikini 

🦁 4:31 - Sapphire Pink and Amethyst Purple Amphitrite Darted Cup Bikini Top and Nixie High leg with contrast waist 

🦄 4:48 - LEFT - Aqua Marine Teal Siren Wrap Top and Amethyst Siren High Leg/High Waist

🦁 4:48 - MIDDLE - Amethyst Siren Wrap Top and Nixie Zip and Mesh short 

🦄 4:48 - RIGHT - Aqua Marien and Onyx Nixie Hooded Crop and Nixie Contrast waist high leg


Group shot before the RAW runway


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