Our Story

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The Principals of The Lioness and Her Unicorns:

Having spent many years working in the Lingerie and Corsetry industry, we have come to the conclusion that corsets are generally not colourful enough (for us anyway!), and that lingerie should not only be worn to be hidden. We love to create garments for the wearer to be seen in, for them to feel comfortable in their own skin as well as the clothing upon it.

We use beautiful raw silks which were handmade using our specific bright colour pallet. These are combined with traditional corsetry components such as Coutil, Steel Boning and Bobbinet. Add into the mix some of the most beautiful lace's sourced from around the world, including but not limited to Germany, Austria and Leavers Lace from France.

When we undertake to make a custom outfit for a client we will take into consideration many things.

These begin with:

  • Where will the outfit be worn?

  • Does the client have any body areas they would like to enhance or show off?

  • Functionality of the outfit

  • Colour pallet

  • Fabrication

  • Embelishment

- all these things combine together to give our clients a truly unique experience both in the Lionesses Den and also when wearing her garments.

Ariane Bingham Portrait

Who Is The Lioness?

You can take the girl out of Leeds, but can you take the Leeds out of the girl?

If you have met Ariane, or ever visited Leeds you will know what we mean!

Born in Leeds, England, Ariane developed a love of fashion while studying at Leeds College of Art and Design. Growing up and learning various skills and techniques from her family, and immersing herself in the different subcultures of her vibrant city helped her develop a unique style at a young age. Taking this bubbling passion and combining it with further studies of the Contour Fashion Degree at De Montfort University,  she was set for coming across to Melbourne in 2010 – the place she now calls home having happily been granted permanent residency.

Rarely following celebrities or having an interest in the red carpet’s, it actually surprises Ariane sometimes that she now has quite a repertoire of them that she has been fortunate enough to work with. From Dita Von Teese and Collette Dinnigan to Danni Minogue, Elle Macpherson and the head of Madonna Australia (and many other clients in between) she has had the pleasure of working on some amazing collections, garments and costumes... many of which can still be found on sale with different retailers across the world.

2016 saw a big change for Ariane in the way that she works, moving from being a full-time employee to running her own business. Having worked as a freelance lingerie designer and hand-making corsets and costumes for clients from her Thornbury (Melbourne) studio for the past year, it was now time for her to launch her label and true passion, 'The Lioness and Her Unicorns' for all to enjoy.

Please use the contact us page if you would like to enquire about a custom order, or ask us a question.