Made to Order and Stock Information

Hello, and Thank you for having a look at our information on both ordering a Made to Order Garment or Ready Made Stock. For additional sizing information on ready-made stock, please click here. 

On this page, we will try to answer some questions you may have about how Made to Order garments work and what we do! If at any time you would like a specific question answering please feel free to hit the 'contact us' button to take you to the submission form


Do I need to know what I want when contacting The Lioness and Her Unicorns?

No! that's part of the fun of it... Don't worry if you don't know what you want, as The Lioness will ask a series of questions and work with you to select the perfect item from our current collections.

How long does a custom garment take to make?

This really depends on the type of garment you are ordering, the level of detail and fabric availability (does Ariane have the fabric in stock, need to order it or source it). As a guide, we say around 6 weeks - but we will only confirm custom orders after a conversation to establish these facts first. Please do not let the guide of 6 weeks put you off if you need something sooner, please contact us to check work room availability for your special pieces

Can a rush order be made for you?

Please send us a message, and we will be able to advise our current workload / if we can rush a garment through for you. We will also advise if there will be an additional fee to accommodate this 

What is the process for ordering a custom garment/outfit?
Please select and check out on our shop for the items you would like if they are listed as available to do so. If they are not, or you are unsure, please use the contact us section to send an enquiry. Once the new order or enquiry is received we will respond and finalise any details required - this includes your measurements.  We will make sure that you have everything you need to do the measurements at home or book a consultation time for you to come to the studio to be measured by The Lioness. 
Does The Lioness make garments for men as well? 
\Yes! Some of the most fun outfits Ariane has made recently have been for her male clients. These have ranged from waistcoats, and jackets with tails right through to tracksuits, holographic shorts and leggings, they do however normally fall under our sister brand Ariane Bingham Sparkles. Any questions? Please get in touch! 
What fabrics does Ariane use?
Please see individual listings for more information. Each fabric is carefully selected based on quality, handfeel and technical capabilitys - is it going to perform the job it is needed for to the best of abilits. Quality fabrics and construction are very important for us 
Will Ariane use my own fabric to make the item for me?
Maybe. Ariane has spent a long time developing her fabric sourcing, to make sure that the fabrics she uses are the correct ones for the purpose she is using them for. You are welcome to ask about your fabrics and bring them to a consultation. Ariane will not be responsible for any garment imperfections due to using fabric provided by you. If the quality of the fabric doesn't 'last', or you are disappointed by the final look of the garment, Ariane is not responsible for this. Garments will not be cheaper due to you providing your own fabrics as patterns often need to be altered to accommodate them, along with the need to slow down the construction process due to working with unknown materials 
Dependent on your garments and design, we will advise you as to if we need fittings during the process of making the garments. These will take place at Ariane's studio in Brunswick, Melbourne  
Can I have an out of hours appointment?
Ideally, we book an appointment during weekday business hours. There is sometimes evening appointments available and at this stage, we are taking bookings one Saturday a month (please contact us to check when the next one is) 
I can't get to Ariane's studio for a fitting - can I still order a custom garment
Yes! We are able to send you detailed information re: the measurements that we need from you - please use a dressmaker's tape measure to do these. It is highly recommended to ask someone else to take the measurements for you, while standing in front of a mirror (to make sure the tape is straight). Please take care with these measurements, as your garment will be made to these. More information on this process can be provided if you would need this service.
We mark an item as In Stock when we either have the stock, or we are confident that we can provide the item in the stated time on its listing. 
What items are stock?
Currently, our Swimwear pieces are offered as stock 
If a garment says Limited stock / Limited Fabric / Last one - are you my pulling leg and trying to use sales tools to get me to buy the item
Goodness, no! We source unique fabrics from all over the world. Quite often our fabrics and trims are limited supply in the first place, or we have finished the stock we had - which means that we either can't make more or if we can it may only be one more item. You are more than welcome to inquire about a specific item and we can tell you if more can be made or not.
When will my 'stock' order be posted?
Any orders for 'ready made'  stock made during the week have up to four days processing time to be dispatched if regular postage is selected. Express post packages will be dispatched within 1 working day so long as the item is in stock and we are at the studio. Orders are not posted on the weekends, so the last time to order something to be posted out that week is Thursday (posting on Friday doesn't get items to people quicker from our experience). If an item is truly urgent please advise at the time of ordering so that we can prioritise postage for you. As a small business we need you to let us know if things are urgent - thank you